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Backend Web Development Seminar

New Orleans

The career of web development is booming. This Seminar is for specially backend developer or for those who are eager to learn new technologies and have an interest in the field have an advantage in landing a well-paying job with extraordinary potential as the demand for web developers outpaces the supply.

$100, 10 Jan 2023

Frontend Web Development Seminar

New Orleans

Web development experience or a keen interest in development technologies can make front-end development a rewarding career choice. Here's you will know about what a backend developer does, and how you can start working towards earning the certifications you need for this rewarding career.

$150, 20 Jan 2023

Getting Started with Web Design

New Orleans

Conduct a special seminar to teach students how to write syntactically correct HTML and CSS, and to create interactive web experiences with JavaScript. Developing high quality web sites that work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers is possible when you master this range of technologies. You will learn how to build an accessible web portfolio that demonstrates your expertise as a web developer.

$120, 26 Jan 2023

Admin Panel Development

New Orleans

Learning how to build an admin panel is included with your build and can be found on your app dashboard. This allows you to control your client app once it is built. All you need to know about building your backend data models, admin, and APIs by adding them to the admin panel. The backend will serve as the main first delivered product and will make for good demos.

$180, 10 Feb 2023


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